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Achieve Better Health with Our Line of All-Natural Nutritional Supplements

natural health Products for a Normal  Immune  System and Complete Digestion

Normalize your immune system and properly support digestion with our nutritional products. My Doctors Orders, LLC™ offers all-natural products that helps improve your overall health. They are comprised of beneficial ingredients and will minimize the threat of infections and diseases, as well as diminish the symptoms of existing conditions. Order a supply of our health products today to enjoy a stronger immune system and better digestion.

Ultimate Sterols & Sterolins™ and Ultimate Digestive Enzymes™ are trademarked by My Doctors Orders, LLC™.

Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The products included on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please consult your primary care physician before starting any new medication or treatment. Most practitioners are not familiar with sterols and sterolins. Suggest that your care provider visit this website to familiarize themselves with sterols and sterolins. Sterols and Sterolins will not interfere with any existing medication regimen. There are no side effects. There is no possibility of an overdose.

*Note, Exception: Ultimate Sterols & Sterolins will normalize your diabetes. As your diabetes normalizes, be sure to withdraw your diabetic medication to avoid causing a hypoglycemic condition.

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About Us

My Doctors Orders, LLCTM sells health products that are derived from plant sprouts from different plants. These 100% natural products help prevent various immune and autoimmune diseases and treat symptoms caused by them. We recommend them to anyone who suffers from an existing condition or wants to prevent the onset of one.

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